Where to buy CBD Oil in Malta?

where to buy CBD oil in Malta

Where to buy CBD Oil in Malta?

CBD oil is a source for alleviating pain. But you’ll have to find a high-quality product to get all the benefits. This makes it important to choose the right place to buy CBD oil

If you need help with finding the best place to buy CBD oil, then read it further.


Haxixa is one of the high-quality online pharmacies available in Malta that offers a great variety to its customers. You can choose marijuana products, including CBD oil, from the store at a reasonable price.

Discreet packing, shipping all over Malta, and competitive pricing are a few major features.

Miister CBD:

One of the other options you have in the area to purchase CBD oil is Miister CBD. Just like Haxixa, it is an online store and offers you premium CBD oil. 

You can use it to reduce pain and anxiety. There are multiple other products from the CBD range available at the store. So, you can shop for all your CBD need with great ease.

Pain Clinic:

The Pain Clinic is one of the other options you have for buying CBD oil in Malta. The best part of this store is that they offer full support to what type of CBD products would suit you well and how to use CBD oil in different situations. With all this help, you’ll be able to make the best choice.

Although we have shared some of the best stores to buy CBD oil in Malta, let us clarify that you can only buy CBD products in Malta if you have a prescription from the doctor. After which, you need the Superintendent of Public Health to issue a control card for the purchase.

If you comply with these requirements only, then can you expect your CBD oil to be legal. So, bear this in mind while purchasing it from any of the stores mentioned above. 

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