What is CBD Oil & How to Make CBD Oil?

what is cbd oil

What is CBD Oil & How to Make CBD Oil?

With the rising importance of CBD oils, everyone is interested to know about CBD oil. This is what we will share in this article. Keep reading to understand it in detail. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the Sativa plants. It is a natural substance responsible for multiple medical benefits.

This CBD extracted from the plants in the paste form is mixed with a carrier oil to convert it to CBD oil

How to make CBD oil?

The explanation of the CBD oil would have made its production look easier. if you know the right procedure and technique for getting the best CBD out of the plant.

If you want to make your own CBD oil, then here is the procedure:

Look for the hemp flower or high CBD Strains:

You can start the process of creating your own CBD oil by finding the pure hemp flowers near you. 

If you don’t have such a source, high CBD strains are easily available from online pharmacies. You can buy them and start the process.

But what flower or strain should you look for? Ideally, you can create your CBD oil from both marijuana and hemp flowers. 

But in the case of the Marijuana plant, the THC content in these plants is very high, with only a few varieties having high levels of CBD along. If you find such marijuana plants, you can go for them; otherwise, choosing the hemp flowers would be fine as well.

Activate the CBD:

One of the astonishing things that we’ll share here is that CBD is not available in the plants directly. It is available in CBDA (Acid form). So, you’ll have to convert it to CBD before the extraction process.

To do so, you’ll have to expose your CBD to heat. As you are doing at home, you might not be very accurate in activating the CBD efficiently. However, you’ll have to rely on these non-precise methods, as you don’t have any other option.

The oven method and slow cooker method are those two methods. But if you crate CBD oil regularly, you might want to invest in a decarboxylation as it can give you precise results.

Choosing the carrier oil:

Alcohol and natural plant oil are the two choices you have. If you choose alcohol, you’ll have to immerse your hemp plant in it until you get all the CBD out. This is a time taking process, and you’ll have to let this mixture sit for a few days to make it stronger.

As CBD is fat-soluble, you can also utilize hemp seed, olive, and coconut oils for the extraction process. This process is a bit gentle as compared to the other method.

To clarify each process in detail, we’ll cover the theme separately in this section:

Use alcohol as the carrier ill:

If you have chosen using alcohol as the carrier method, you’ll have to follow the process below:

Decarboxylate your hemp plant by grinding it in an even consistency and baking it in a preheated oven for 1 hour.

Take out this cooked plant in a mixing bowl and add alcohol to it. Keep stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon so that the alcohol will extract cannabinoids and terpenes from it.

Strain this mixture of alcohol and plant. You’ll see a dark green mixture at this point. You’ll have to keep straining it until you get a clear liquid.

By using the double boiler method, you’ll have to heat your alcohol. This mixture is highly volatile and capable of causing explosions, so you should have a proper ventilation system.

Once all your alcohol is evaporated, you’ll see a viscous liquid in the bowl. Collect it in a syringe or add in a dropper to fill your glass bottle.

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Use coconut or plant oil as a carrier oil:

The first step in this method is also the same. You need to decarboxylate your hemp flowers.

Now you’ll have to set up the double boiler method. Add the carrier oil and flowers into it and let it simmer. The process will continue for 3 hours till you get the darker liquid.

Strain this mixture using a cheesecloth. Be sure to get everything out of this mixture. Once done, you can throw away the flowers.

Store the strained mixture in a glass container, and your CBD oil is ready.

Summing up:

CBD oil is made from natural CBD extracts. You can either buy CBD oil or create your own. However, you might need a bit of practice to get things right.

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