What color is CBD Oil? (Details of Differences)

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What color is CBD Oil? (Details of Differences)

With the growing CBD industry, multiple brands are available in the market. You might have tried different ones. Within each, you might have observed the difference in colors and shades of the oil you use. Have you wondered what the difference is about and what causes it?

Even as a newbie, if you want to look for the best CBD oil in the market, you must be curious about its color along with the other physical properties. Is that so?

Unfortunately, we cannot make a definitive statement about the color of CBD oil and its association with the quality. Multiple factors can be regulating it.

Generally, the color can range from white to golden brown. With such a diverse spectrum available, you’ll have to dig deeper to find the right color. This is what we cater to in this article.

Factors impacting the colors of the CBD oil:

The method of extraction, filtration and the plant itself can determine the color of the CBD oil. Below we’ll discuss each of the factors that can impact the color.

Extraction Method:

Starting from the initial step of extraction, the color and quality of the oil can be impacted. Ethanol and CO² extraction are the two main methods. While using the CO² extraction method, the chlorophyll from the plants responsible for the green color is removed, thus leaving the golden brown color behind.

Alternatively, the ethanol extraction method does not remove the excess chlorophyll, thus leaving the green color of the CBD oil enact.

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Filtration method:

The next step of the CBD oil creation process that can impact the color is the filtration method. Fine filtering of the extract can result in more color changes because of the extraction of Phyto complex.

Suppose the extraction method has already removed chlorophyll. In that case, it will reflect in the final color irrespective of the filtration method used.

Amount of carrier oil:

Carrier oil is used in the production process. The amount of this carrier oil and its type impact the color of the end product.

The more addition of the carrier oil, the lighter the color you’ll get. Besides, the shades of diluting liquid will be evident as the quantity of carrier oil increases.

All these factors have a significant role in shaping up the color of the end product that you see packed in a bottle. There is no hard and fast rule about the right color and its impact on quality. You can different ones and settle on the one that you think suits you the most.

Green CBD oil – what does this mean?

Suppose your CBD oil is green. It means that during the extraction and filtration process, the chlorophyll that exists in the plant is not fully removed in the creation phase of CBD oil.

Golden CBD oil – what does this mean?

After removing chlorophyll from the leaves, the color of the remaining material would turn to be golden and brown. So, if your CBD oil has this color, it only shows that chlorophyll and the associated Phyto complex have been removed.

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