How to use CBD Oil?

how to use CBD oil

How to use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the widely used products in the marijuana industry. If you are new in the industry and are not aware of the ways you can use CBD oil, then this article is for you.

CBD is known for the “feel-good” factor that it brings to users. Some users require it to alleviate stress and anxiety, while others expect it to uplift the mood. There are multiple other benefits for which people prefer CBD oil, including the reduction in chronic pain.

Whatever benefit you seek from CBD oil, you must know about the multiple ways of using it. A few of these methods might work better than the others considering the exact benefit you require.

However, our aim here is to highlight all the possible modes and the factors you might want to consider before making the right choice.

So, let’s start:

Factors to choose the right method for CBD oil usage:

Below are the main factors for selecting the best mode for CBD oil usage:

Intended benefit

When choosing the method to use CBD oil, the intended benefit you want to achieve must be given a significant advantage. If you want to relax and reduce stress, you might want to opt for vaping.

Similarly, if you want to reduce muscle pain or lessen skin allergy, you might prefer to use it as a salve, cream or paste. So, whatever your intended benefit is, your choice of CBD oil might vary.

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Ease of usage

Another factor here is the ease of usage. If vaping leaves you coughing for long, then you aren’t aware of the right technique.

In such a situation, going for oral CBD oil might be a better choice. Similarly, any issues with ingesting CBD oil products might lead you to the salve or cream as an option.

Impacting time

All CBD oil products have a different time to react in your body. Your metabolism also plays an important role, but using capsules as the method of intake will require additional time for the breakdown and release of CBD oil than vaping.

So, if you aim to receive the benefits early on, you’ll have to choose a different method.

Overall, there is no hard and fast rule on which method of using CBD oil should be used in a particular scenario because every individual is different and has their preferences. So, it is okay with whatever mode of CBD oil intake you consider.

Methods to use CBD oil:

Now that we have already discussed the factors you can consider for choosing the proper usage method, here’s the list of main ways to use CBD Oil:

Sublingual Method:

In this method, you neither ingest nor apply the CBD oil to any specific part. Instead, you place it under your tongue.

Place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. This method allows CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes under the tongue.

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Oral Ingestion:

In this method, you ingest the CBD oil either directly, or by mixing it in different foods or drinks. However, this method will require more time for the CBD to generate impact. It is because, in this form, the liver metabolizes CBD oil first before it starts flowing into the bloodstream.

There are multiple options available for you. These include:


CBD oil contained in a capsule is among some of the prominent ways available in the consumption market. They’re just like medicinal capsules, and you can engulf them with water.


CBD Gummies are available in the market, making the oral consumption of CBD oil easier and quicker.

Topical Application

In this second method of using CBD Oil, you don’t have to take the CBD oil or any product containing it inside your body directly; instead, you apply it on the skin from where the CBD Oil penetrates inside the body.

This method helps in providing localized relief or handling skin problems. Here are a few options available:


CBD paste is a thick liquid containing CBD oil. Usually, the paste has a high concentration of CBD in it. However, the exact amount of CBD might differ depending on its formulation.


Another option using CBD oil is in the form of CBD Cream. Just like normal skin cream, CBD cream has the same consistency. The only difference you can find is the presence of CBD in it.


Another form in which you can find CBD oil is salve or ointment. You don’t digest them, so they don’t reach your bloodstream directly but reach your body through skin layers.


Lastly, CBD oil can also be inhaled through vaporizers or diffusers. This method allows for the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs


The liquid in the e-cigarettes that you smoke is CBD oil. You can find pre-filled vapes from online pharmacies. In most cases, CBD oil is directly used as a vaping liquid.

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Which of these forms should you choose?

After going through the multiple forms of CBD oil, you must be confused about the exact product type to choose.

The decision about the right product depends upon your consumption capacity, particular preference, and product availability. Considering all these factors, you can buy the best one from an online pharmacy.

Also, note that the frequency and timing of use may vary from individual to individual depending on the reasons and methods of usage.