How to Take CBD Oil from a Dropper? (Complete Guide)

take cbd oil from dropper

How to Take CBD Oil from a Dropper? (Complete Guide)

If you have chosen dropper to be your method for consuming CBD oil, you must be expecting the full impact of the CBD oil within minutes. But if you aren’t sure how it will work, you can go through this guide and adopt the step-by-step procedure for this purpose.

Step by step process of using a dropper:

  1. While you are consuming CBD oil from a dropper, it doesn’t mean you can take any quantity of oil. You’ll have to look for the right dosage. In most cases, you’ll find the dosage amount on the CBD oil bottle. But if it isn’t there, you can calculate it yourself, considering the total amount of CBD oil in the bottle and the CBD concentration you want to consume.
  2. If you are new to all this, keep the dosage to the minimum calculated amount because every individual is different.
  3. Now, take the dropper out of the CBD oil bottle. Squeeze the bulb at the top to take every single drop out of the dropper.
  4. Once the dropper is empty. Submerge the tip of the dropper inside the CBD oil & squeeze the bulb again. So the CBD oil gets in. Make sure to consider the dosage when filling in the dropper. You can let the excess oil from the bottle drop back into the bottle.
  5. You’ll have to release the bulb to draw the oil in the dropper. Now you can safely take the dropper out.
  6. Open your mouth and release the oil from the dropper under your tongue. You should keep these drops under your tongue for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  7. It will take approximately 30 minutes to start feeling the impact of CBD oil. You can expect it to last for 4-5 hours before wearing off.

Summing up:

Using CBD oil from a dropper is straightforward and wouldn’t require much of your effort. You can even get the desired benefits of CBD oil a lot quicker using the dropper-in-take method

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