How to Flavor CBD Oil? (Complete Guide)

how to flavor CBD oil

How to Flavor CBD Oil? (Complete Guide)

Do you want to make CBD oil tasty? Why not add some flavor to it? But before we get onto making your CBD oil tasty, let’s discuss what the actual taste of CBD oil is.

What does CBD oil taste like?

CBD oil usually tastes similar to olive oil. However, the extracts and the other CBD concentrates may seem grassy with a bit of chlorophyll in the taste.

Some of you might be fond of all these flavors, but for others, these flavors might not be enough to satisfy their taste buds. For all such individuals, CBD oil would just be the medicine that can generate the maximum benefit for you. But you don’t have to keep it that way. You can add flavor to your CBD oil to make it taste better.

Ways to make CBD oil taste better:

Below are the main ways to make CBD oil taste better:

You can buy high-quality CBD oil:

The greener the CBD oil is, the higher amount of chlorophyll is likely to occur in it – as you aren’t a leaf-loving animal, you wouldn’t like this taste.

However, not all CBD oils have the same color or properties. You can buy high-quality CBD oil, and it will definitely taste better. This method doesn’t require anything specific from you, just your right choice.

You can carry another drink along;

If CBD oil doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, you can keep another drink that can cover up the taste of CBD oil.

But an important tip here is to hold the CBD oil for as long as you can before sipping your favorite acidic drink. It is because keeping CBD oil in your mouth can provide you with a wide range of benefits.

You must brush your teeth before consumption:

Brushing the teeth before consumption of CBD oil can give you two benefits. Firstly, the flavor of the toothpaste can subdue the taste of CBD oil. Secondly, brushing will reduce the amount of CBD oil that your mouth can consume. It means lesser taste for your taste buds.

You can add CBD oil to your favorite drink:

One of the other ways you can make your CBD oil taste better is by mixing it with your favorite drink. Whether it is tea or coffee, you can add CBD oil to it, and it will not taste as bitter as it would have been originally.

Summing Up:

We realize that not everyone would be fond of CBD oil’s taste, so here are a few ways you can use it to make it taste more appealing.