How to Dilute CBD Oil?

dilute cbd oil

How to Dilute CBD Oil?

Do you want to reduce the concentration of CBD in your oil? The best method for doing so is dilution. Even the large brands and companies dilute the original CBD Concentrate to comply with the legal standards of the government. So, it is safe and effective.

What’s the dilution process, and what ratio should you adopt diluting the process? All these and other related questions are highlighted in this article. So, read thoroughly.

What is dilution?

Dilution is the method employed for reducing the concentration of THC content in the oil. It is usually done by adding a carrier oil like coconut oil. The mixture of carrier oil and CBD oil increases the overall amount of CBD oil you get in the packaged form. But it reduces the concentration of THC and CBD in it.

Why is important to use coconut oil in the dilution process?

The use of coconut oil in the process is essential because it is optimal for the digestive system and can also increase the absorbency ratio of CBD in the body, thus making it appropriate for this purpose.

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How to figure out the dilution ratio?

If you want to dilute your CBD oil and struggle to figure out the appropriate ratio, then you’ll have to do a bit of math as the existing concentration of CBD oil will be different, and so your desired stage, in every case.

Suppose you have a CBD oil with a 3% THC level in it, and you want to dilute it to the level of 0.3%, so it meets the federal regulations, then you’ll need a factor of 10 for achieving the answer mathematically. It means that three parts of CBD oil, when mixed with ten parts of coconut oil, will give you a mixture with 0.3% THC in it.

If the oil under consideration had an even higher THC Concentration, then you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

What impact does dilution create?

Like any other dilution process, the dilution of CBD oil will reduce the concentration of THC and CBD in it. So, you can make it compliant with the law and get benefits from the CBD while minimizing the impact of THC.

One important thing to note here is that even when you read that CBD oil is THC-free, it still contains 0.3% of THC. So even after the dilution process, you cannot expect to make it completely THC-free.

Summing up:

The dilution process of CBD oil is to reduce its concentration and make it compliant with the legal standards. You can modify the formula discussed above according to CBD oil concentration.

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