How much CBD Oil Should I Take?

how much cbd should I take

How much CBD Oil Should I Take?

The consumption of CBD is no doubt a source of many benefits. But to get these advantages and avoid any risks, it is essential to take the appropriate quantity. 

Especially for a beginner, the inquisitiveness about the quantity intake of CBD oil is legit. And it must be answered so that they won’t face any ill consequences.

This is where this article will help. Keep reading:

Research-based quantity of CBD oil:

Unfortunately, nobody can suggest particular grams of CBD oil to fit your needs perfectly. Even the research studies utilize different dosages to prove the benefits of CBD oil. 

It is because the reaction of the CBD oil within your body is dependent on several factors. It includes your tolerance level, metabolism, type, and product quality. 

How to determine the quantity of CBD oil?

Well, this leaves everyone with a serious problem. But the solution here is that you’ll have to access your tolerance level of CBD oil and determine the way your body reacts to CBD oil consumption.

Below are a few steps you can take to find the suitable dosage of CBD oil:

Sensitivity to CBD:

If you are highly sensitive to CBD, you should use a limited dosage, but if you can tolerate high quantities, you can go for the bigger ones. But to test your tolerance level, you’ll have to start with the small dosage

Individual circumstances:

Factors like your age, activity level, gender, and other problems can play an essential role in determining the appropriate quantity of CBD oil. For young and healthy individuals, higher dosages are tolerable as compared to weak and unhealthy individuals.


As you are consuming CBD oils to treat certain diseases, the symptoms will highlight the extent of the issue. So, based on the symptoms, you can determine the dose. Besides, the reaction of your body towards the symptoms will also help you find the appropriate quantity.

Use a dosage calculator:

While finding accurate results isn’t easy, but you can use the dosage calculator to determine the approximate quantity. You can put in your specifications to get an estimated guess about the quantity you should consume.

CBD Dosage:

Although these dosages won’t fit every individual, they can give you an estimate about the safe limits in case of different diseases.

  • Anxiety: 300 to 600 mg
  • Bowel disease: 10 mg per day  
  • Cancer-related pain: 50 to 600 mg per day 
  • Parkinson’s disease: 75 to 300 mg per day  
  • Poor sleep: 25 mg per day
  • Psychosis: 600 mg per day

Things to take care of:

  • Always start with the small quantity to check its suitability and other factors
  • 600 mg per day -1500 mg per day has been proven by research to be in the safe range, but it may vary with the individuals.
  • Appetite changes, diarrhea, and nausea are a few problems you might face while using CBD oil.
  • There are multiple methods of consuming CBD oil. Choose your favorite one or as recommended by the doctor. 

Summing up:

There is no single quantity that we can consider appropriate for everyone; 600 mg is the average that people can tolerate easily. You can start with a small quantity to determine the right quantity for you.

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