How much CBD Oil from one Plant? (Complete Guide)

how much cbd oil from plant

How much CBD Oil from one Plant? (Complete Guide)

For everyone interested in CBD Oil, the concentration of CBD is important. This aspect often leads to a question of how much CBD oil is obtained from one plant.

The answer is tricky as not every plant would yield the same CBD levels. Besides, the difference in the extraction techniques can create a difference in the amount of CBD oil obtained per plant. Even the expertise of the extractor plays an important role. So because of all these factors stating a particular quantity wouldn’t work.

However, we can estimate a range of CBD oil that you can get from each plant. So, let’s see how different factors impact CBD oil’s quantity.

Factors affecting the quantity of CBD oil per plant:

Below are the main factors you should consider essential while determining the quantity of CBD oil per plant:

Extraction plant:

Cannabis used for medical purposes is often considered legal if extracted from the hemp plant. It is essential to know about the source because it can define the THC Content in the extract too. It ultimately affects the usage and other such factors.

Another vital factor is plant quality. The more quickly you grow the plants, the better quality plant it is. So, you can expect a better yield in such a case.

The hemp plant can give around 20-30% CBD per plant, but it also depends upon the strain under consideration. This concentration can go a bit higher with strong varieties.

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Extraction process:

The extraction of CBD oil can be done in two ways. Adding a carrier oil or utilizing an advanced CO2 extraction process are the methods to consider.

As a general rule of thumb, you can get 1 pound of CBD tincture from a single hemp plant by using the advanced CO2 technique for extraction purposes.

Extraction expertise:

Even if you have the highest plant quality and utilize the expensive CO2 extraction process, still, it is essential to hire experts to manage the process.

The lack of experience in this field can cost you lower amounts of CBD extracted per plant.

Summing up:

CBD extracted per plant can vary for every plant and every production cycle. With these factors, you can mitigate the risks that might reduce productivity.

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