How much CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety?

dog getting dose of cbd oil

How much CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety?

Anxious dogs are highly likely to give you anxiety considering their condition and behavior. Not all dogs can be fully treated with the medicine your veterinarian prescribes. There can be multiple reasons for it.

In some cases, the severity of the disease is high, or in some cases, your dog might be immune to the general medicines your vet is prescribing. But in any case, the result is that your dog does not get any better.

In all such situations, you need CBD oil for dog anxiety. You can expect the CBD oil to work when nothing else is working. But how much should you use in the treatment, or how safe is it for your pet? The dosage of CBD oil for anxiety in humans is different.

All such questions will surely be in your mind demanding an authentic answer. So, we’ll get to the topic without wasting time and share important details.

Things to consider before determining the actual dosage of CBD oil for your dog:

Below are the main factors to consider before finalizing the dosage of CBD oil for your dog:

Consumption Method:

How do you think you’ll administer CBD oil to your dog?

Like humans, there are multiple methods of consumption available, including CBD and Hemp oil, Capsules, Topical rubs, and Treats (edibles).

If you ask us, using CBD oil in its distinct form will generate immediate results for your dogs. However, there is a significant chance that your dog will not like the taste of CBD oil.

In that case, you might have to move to treats, but that is slower and your dog might not receive the entire dose of the treats as it has to get to the digestive system before it can be added to the bloodstream.

But while administering any of these ways, keep in mind that each product has different levels of CBD. So, you are reading the labels completely to understand the dosage better.

Dog Size:

One of the other important factors for selecting CBD oil dosage for your dog is the size of your dog. Not only an adult dog will require more CBD, and a kid needs a lesser dose. The size and weight of the dog will matter too.

Usually, the recommended dosage according to the dog’s weight is mentioned on the labels of dog treats and other CBD products, but the rule of thumb is to give 0.1 mg of CBD oil per kg of your dog’s weight.

Condition Of Your Dog:

Not every dog could be facing the same level of anxiety attacks. So, your dog’s individual condition will matter a lot in deciding the exact dosage of CBD oil.

If your dog is extremely anxious, you’ll have to give higher dosages of CBD oil to alleviate the discomfort, while a lower dosage will work on dogs with little anxiety symptoms.

Product Or Brand:

One of the other important factors to consider while determining the dosage is the product or brand you are using. Make sure you differentiate between the products and CBD oil dosages.

Your dog’s product dosage will vary with the brand or the particular type. So determining the CBD oil dosage must be your priority.

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General CBD Oil Dosage Considerations For Your Dog:

Based on the average weight of your dog, we’ll highlight the minimum dosage you can start the CBD oil with:

Dogs Weighing 2-15 Lbs.:

You can categorize the dogs with this weight range as small dogs. You’ll have to give them a lower dosage considering their weight. But do not forget that they have a super-fast metabolism. It means that CBD oil will be out of their system in no time. So, you might have to administer CBD oil at a much higher frequency than what you would have done for a big-sized dog.

You can start giving them a ½ mg dosage twice daily for the anxiety and see the impact. Within 3-5 days, if you feel your dog hasn’t responded to the treatment, you can add a few more drops to the existing dosage.

You can continue increasing the dosage till your dog shows no sign of anxiety but keep in mind you must not exceed 15 mg of CBD oil daily. It will create a negative impact on their health.

Besides, it is best to confirm the right dosage from the CBD labels and your vet because every dog is different, and these are the general dosages to help you figure out the starting point.

Dogs Weighing 15-30 Lbs.:

Usually, such dogs fall in the medium category. Treating psychological disorders like anxiety will require the dosage of 1mg twice a day.

You can increase this dosage gradually if you don’t see the results or your dog has been immune to this dosage.

But increasing the daily dosage above 20 mg is not recommended for dogs weighing 15-30 lbs.

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Dogs Weighing 30-60 Lbs.:

You can include the dog with this weight in the large dog category. They might need more CBD oil as compared to small pets.

You can start giving them a 1mg dosage twice daily for anxiety and observe the impact. If you feel they need more CBD oil, you can add up to 2mg of their dosage. However, this addition must not be abrupt. You must add to the dosage slowly. And see if it creates an impact on the dog’s condition.

The maximum dosage you can administer to these dogs must not be more than 30mg per day.

Dogs Weighing 60-150 Lbs.:

These are the extra-large dogs. Depending upon their size, they also need an extra dosage of CBD oil for treating their anxiety. The lower dosage you can start administering, the better. However, you can go up to 3mg per dose with two daily doses.

Even for this dog category, you must not exceed 30mg of dosage, irrespective of the condition you want to treat your dog.

Calculation of The Right Dosage:

You can find the right CBD oil dosage in the particular case using the following formula.

It requires you to know the weight of your dog and the recommended dosage highlighted by the manufacturer.

Here’s the formula you should apply:

2.5 mg x your dog’s weight = Minimal Dose

This formula can find the right dosage for your anxious dog.

Summing up:

CBD oil might not have research-backed evidence of treating anxiety in the dog, but its recent usage has provided benefits. You can use it for treating anxiety in your dog too.

But ensure the right dosage to help the little being. You can follow the guidelines highlighted above to ensure things go smoothly. To remain safe, you must always start with the lowest possible quantity so your dog can adjust to this new introduction to the diet and get the intended benefits. Find the benefits of CBD oil for humans.