How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

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How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

Are you already a fan of CBD oil? Impressed with its benefits and the non-high properties? Great! So, you must be ready to embark on a journey full of advantages.

But before you start, you just have a little question in mind, how long does CBD oil last?

This is a legit question; you will have an answer to it here in this article. But it is not simple. So, you must be ready for some calculations and analysis. Do not worry, these calculation will be worth of how CBD oil will make you feel.

Factors Determining The Time Your CBD Oil Will Last:

Well, a few of the following factors are pretty clear, and you might laugh loudly upon reading them. But some of them are technical, and you’ll surely thank us later after reading them. Let’s start with the simple ones. So that the pro users can skip if they want to.

Size of the bottle:

Typically, you can find bottles in 15 ml, 30 ml and 100 ml sizes. So, the larger the bottle is, the more time it will last, considering the other factors to be constant. Yeah, we know this was common sense!


Again, if you consume more CBD oil from the bottle, whether a small, medium or large bottle, the bottle will end quickly compared to the bottles of individuals who consume a lesser quantity.

CBD Oil Concentration:

Now this one is a bit technical. The concentrated CBD oil will fulfill the required dosage in a lesser quantity. Thus, you’ll have a lot of it in the bottle left. So, the higher the concentration, the lower the usage.

If you are searching on the bottle label or seeking help from the seller, ask for the amount of CBD in 1ml of the bottle content.

You need to know all these factors to determine the exact quantity you should take every time. And only then can you determine the actual time your CBD oil bottle will last.

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How much is 1 ml of CBD oil?

If you don’t have the quantity to take in ml, you must be confused about how much to consume. But you don’t have to. In 1ml of CBD oil, you’ll get 20 drops. So, the measurement will get a lot easier if you have a dropper.

But the main question remains. How much should you take in? Here comes those factors we discussed in the above section.

If a bottle contains 30ml of CBD oil, the entire bottle has 10mg of CBD.

So, doing the simple mathematics

[Amount of CBD in each drop] = [Total amount of CBD oil in the bottle] / [total amount of CBD in the product]

= 30/10

= 0.5

 So, you’ll get 0.5 mg of CBD in a single drop.


Now, if you’re daily consumption of CBD is 10mg. That means you should take 20 drops of CBD or 1 ml (1 dropper of CBD oil).

Here’s the formula:

[Amount of CBD oil to be consumed] * [CBD in single drop] = [Total Amount of CBD to be consumed]

[Total Amount of CBD to be consumed]  * 0.5 = 10

[Total Amount of CBD to be consumed]   = 20 drops or 1 ml


Based on this formula, how long will the CBD oil last? There’s another formula explaining this question too.

[Days CBD oil will last]   = [Amount of CBD oil in the bottle] / [Amount of CBD oil to be consumed]

= 30 / 1

=30 days.

Although this is just an example, its explanation with the numbers can help you find the exact oil to be consumed daily according to your dosage and, consequently, the number of days your bottle of CBD oil will last.

Summing up:

Finding the amount of CBD oil you need daily and the time your bottle will last can help you determine the monthly cost you’ll have to incur.

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