How Does CBD Oil make you Feel?

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How Does CBD Oil make you Feel?

You might have heard a lot about the cannabis plant and its benefits. You likely associate all the minerals or contents extracted from this plant to create a strong high. But that isn’t the case. “How does CBD oil make you feel” is a lot different than “how does THC make you feel”?

In this article, we’ll highlight the potential affects you can expect by using CBD oil in the short run and the long run.

Are All CBD Extracts The Same In Terms Of Benefits?

As a newbie, you might be interested to know if the different types of CBD oil in Malta available on the market have the same impact on your body once you consume them. Or which CBD oil can be more suited to your needs? 

The simple answer to this question is that each of the extracts has multiple benefits or how they make you feel upon consumption. 

So, let’s have a quick look at the extract types of CBD oil before we get onto the set of benefits associated with each type.

Full Spectrum – this CBD oil contains a mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes with some amount of THC that can be detected. 

Broad Spectrum – this CBD oil extract contains terpenes and cannabinoids only without the presence of THC.

CBD isolate – it is the purest form of CBD oil that does not contain terpenes or THC

Impact Of The Individual Components Present In CBD Oil:

Below we will discuss the impact of the individual components of CBD oil in this section. So, you can understand what you’ll be consuming and how it can possibly impact you. 

How Do Cannabinoids Make You Feel?

Cannabinoids react with the central nervous system at CB1 and CB2 receptors. They can impact bodily functions considering the brain location where they attach. 

Here’s one example, their reaction in the mesolimbic pathway can create responses of pleasure & reward. Similarly, their reaction to the pain receptors can alter their perception of the pain. 

Thus, consuming cannabinoids for pain removal is often suggested by experts.

How Do Terpenes Make You Feel?

The fragrant oil in the cannabis plant is the terpenes. They give unique flowers to the cannabis and CBD variety. 

It is assumed that the presence of cannabis can enhance the impact of CBD oil significantly. But there is a lack of research proving this stance. So, there is not much revealed about how terpenes in CBD oil can make you feel. 

How Does THC Make You Feel?

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient responsible for creating a pleasurable impact on your brain. It produces dopamine, known for creating euphoria. 

It is more commonly known as recreational marijuana. Some other effects that THC creates are sensitivity in your feelings, distorting the sense of time, lowering your guard, and hurting your motor skills.

By discussing the solo impact of all these possible components of CBD oil, our aim here is to help you choose the exact CBD oil type. For example, if you don’t want to get high but need pain alleviation benefits, then CBD isolate and broad spectrum CBD oil are the best options. 

Similarly, if you aim to enjoy medical marijuana, you can go for full Spectrum CBD oil or other products with a higher amount of THC. 

Can CBD Oil Make You Feel High?

No, CBD is not the element that can make you feel high. It is different from THC. Consuming it can relieve you from pain, anxiety, depression, and other diseases. So, you can take it safely for the intended benefits without forecasting any “high” impact on your mind and body.

What Will Happen If You Consume CBD Oil In Large Quantities?

Even if you consume CBD oil in large quantities, it will not bring in the regular high you would expect from THC.

However, there is an uplifting impact you should feel. It includes changes in mood and a limited feeling of euphoria.

In most cases, these feelings are often coupled with dizziness and nausea. So, the euphoric impact that could have occurred would be subsided with these conditions. It will result in a lack of energy and decreased concentration.

However, taking large quantities is not advised, and you must take care of the CBD oil dosage you consume.

How Does Culture Affect The Usage Of CBD Oil?

Culturally, not everyone favors using CBD oil because of the “high” impact people wrongly associate with it. Besides, the research on the usage of CBD oil for treating any disease is in the preliminary phase, so there is not much evidence to support any results or claims. 

With such a background, people are hesitant to consider it a mainstream drug. 

However, the demand for CBD oil is increasing significantly, especially, when the existing users propagate the medical benefits they are receiving from its usage. In coming years, more research into the impact of CBD oil usage will determine if the people at the mass level accept it or not.

Summing Up:

How does CBD oil make you feel? The answer to it is it depends on the type of CBD oil extract you consider. Generally, CBD oil without THC Content can give you a relaxing feeling, but without creating the traditional high, you would expect from the extracts of the cannabis plant.

Similarly, inflammation reduction, pain alleviation, and decreased anxiety are the other benefits you can feel.