Difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

difference between hemp oil and CBD oil

Difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Being new in the CBD industry would require you to get a lot of new information about the products, processes, and usage. One such topic is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil.

Newbies can use both these terms interchangeably; however, it is not exactly the truth. There are some major differences in both these products that require their categorization as the different names.

So, what are they? And what features make them different? We’ll cover these and answers to the other related questions in this article.

What is hemp oil?

The hemp oil is produced by cold pressing the hemp seeds into the omega-rich oil. It contains different nutrients to help the human body.

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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, on the other hand, is made by extracting CND Compound from the leaves and stalks of a hemp plant.

Differences between hemp oil and CBD oil:

Below are the main differences between hemp and CBD oil:

Plant material used for oil creation:

The major difference in both these oils is that hemp oil does not contain any CBD content. Although both oils are made from the hemp plant, the oil-producing methods and the plant parts used for this purpose create a difference.

Nutrient Profile:

In CBD oil, CBD is the most prominent ingredient for which the oils are made. It allows you multiple health benefits, including pain reduction and treatment of anxiety and other mental disorders.

The hemp oil has nutrients like fatty acids and important bioactive compounds, bringing significant health benefits.

Use of oils:

The hemp oil is not used for recreational purposes. It has medical benefits associated with it, whereas CBD oil has a tendency to be used for entertainment purposes only. But it comes with several benefits for the human body as well. Thus making it perfect for recreational use and medical purposes.


You can get the hemp oil in the raw oil form, but there are numerous products available with this raw oil in them. These include snack bars, yogurt, cookies, etc.

Similarly, CBD Oil is available in different forms, including raw oil, gummies, eatables, and snack bars. Thus allowing you to choose your favorite mode of product for consumption.

Side effects:

Hemp oil is considered a safe product by experts, allowing people to get the benefits associated with it. The same is said for CBD oil, but the studies do not prove this claim fully. Besides, the researchers are still finding the impact it can cause on the human body. The usage of CBD oil in limited quantities is, however, safe without any question.

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Summing up:

CBD oil and hemp oil are both derived from plants. However, their extraction method, usage, and nutritional profile differ significantly. Thus, you must understand these aspects before you choose any one of them.

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