How to Use CBD Oil for Pain? Everything You Need to Know

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain? Everything You Need to Know

There are certain conditions when traditional medicine has no solution for the body ache an individual is going through. People either become immune to the drugs, or their bodies do not accept the general pain relief medicines. 

In such a situation, many people find solace in using CBD oil. Hundreds of people have reported a reduction in acute pain, especially during or after cancer treatment, arthritis, and other diseases.

Many people have also indicated using CBD oil for relaxing impact and pain alleviation in normal routine is helpful, thus establishing CBD oil as a pain relief product. 

Medical science also believes in the pain-relieving impact, but the research on CBD oil, its benefits, and side effects is still underway.

Authorities have permitted the medical use of CBD oil that involves pain management. But its recreational use is not allowed to this day. There are multiple other benefits of CBD oil that helps patients with different diseases.

The acceptance of CBD oil in history (specifically for pain) has been dated back to 2900 BC when the Chinese used marijuana to treat joint pain and muscle spasms. Queen Victoria has also been reported to use marijuana oil for pain reduction. 

What is the Ideal Material for CBD oil for pain?

CBD oil must be extracted from the hemp plant instead of marijuana. It is because CBD oil without THC or a maximum THC content of 0.3% is acceptable. In this state, it won’t create any psychoactive or high impact on the brain; it will only treat physical pain. 

Using CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD oil can bring in pain relief benefits a lot quicker.

CBD isolate extraction from hemp plants is more costly than the other forms of CBD oil. However, as it proves to be the best, usually people prefer using it irrespective of its high cost. 

What is the Ideal CBD oil dosage?

As CBD oil is known for its benefits in pain relief, so you must be interested to know what the ideal dosage is for patients suffering from pain. 

If you are a new user and have no idea of how much CBD oil to consume, here are the steps to help you determine the ideal dosage of CBD oil.

You should start with 20mg per day. If you haven’t used CBD oil before, then consuming this much CBD will clearly show a reduction in your symptoms. You can continue the same dosage till the time you feel better.

Once you think your body has become resistant to this dosage, you can add 5 mg to your existing dosage. So, if you consumed 20 grams of CBD oil daily, you can take it to 25 grams, and this process can continue.

What are the use cases of CBD oil?

You can use it for pain during:

  • Pain and inflammation related to arthritis
  • neuropathic pain
  • chronic severe neuropathic pain
  • cancer symptom management
  • Internal inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia

What are the best brands of a PRODUCT?

  • Best Overall CBD oil for Pain – CBDfx
  • Best CBD oil for pain (flavor) – Zatural
  • Best Vegan Option in CBD oil pain variety – Extract Labs
  • Best Organic focused – Bloom Hemp

What is the lifespan of CBD oil for pain?

You can store the CBD oil for pain relief for 1-2 years in a dark, contained environment to avoid humidity. It can maintain its impact for a longer period. 

How does Culture Affect the usage of CBD oil for Pain?

People suffering from pain want anything that could provide them with a solution to the never-ending pain. When CBD oil offers this ray of hope with recommendations from many people who have already been using it for medical purposes, acceptance of CBD oil for pain gets even higher.

Situation-based pain relief impact and research studies:

Although FDA has not considered it a safe drug for treating pain because of the lack of enough research data. However, there are multiple cases and even research works highlighting the role CBD oil can play in limiting bodily pain and other benefits.

One of the recent research studies indicated relief in chronic pain through the use of CBD oil, but it was condition-specific.

Below are the main types of pain the CBD oil is capable of treating:

Neuropathic pain:

Such pain arises because of nerve damage. The nerve damage could be because of shingles, sclerosis, and herniated discs.

A controlled study was conducted with 1750 participants where the patients were given CBD oil products. 

A significant percentage reported relief in pain; however, the risks in the treatment and ideal dosage are still to be discovered.

Arthritis pain:

There are not enough human study references to make this claim. However, in 2016, a study was conducted on rats wIth arthritis. All rats showed a reduction in inflammation and pain when given CBD oil.

Multiple sclerosis:

It is a disease that impacts the entire body as nerves and brain signals extend throughout. Muscle spasms are one of the most common symptoms patients can feel in the entire body. The patients are in so much unrest that many face constant pain in their bodies.

The usage of CBD oil has only been tested in the short run on this disease, and it indicates a reduction in the spasms. 

Long-term studies are still required to find the overall benefit CBD oil can create for Multiple sclerosis patients.

Chronic Pain:

Other types of general chronic pain might also get better through CBD oil consumption. But the studies conducted till now have concluded that you’ll need to increase the dosage as your body develops tolerance against a certain dosage of CBD. 

How to use CBD Oil for Pain?

After knowing all the pain-related benefits and risks involved in consuming CBD oil, here’s the exact procedure for using CBD oil for pain. 

Choose the delivery method for consuming CBD oil. 

There are multiple options available, including CBD oil capsules, CBD oil edibles, and CBD oil vapes. Each method has its pros and cons. You could be comfortable using a particular one; so you can use the one that suits you. There is nothing when it comes to the results.

Find out the right dosage of CBD for yourself, depending on your tolerance, pain level, and metabolism. We have already shared details about the ideal dosage in the above sections.

CBD oil will react in some time, depending upon your consumption method. 

Wait for it to take charge of your body and relieve you of your chronic pain. 

Summing up:

CBD oil for pain relief is not a new concept. It has been in use since ancient times; however, FDA has not approved its usage as a drug to treat pain. If you want to know further about CBD oil, you can read the article, what is CBD oil and find all the details.

By going through different sections of this guide, you can find the various aspects in which CBD oil can be of great help to you, along with the method of consumption and ideal dosage if you are a new user.