How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety? How Long Does it Take to Work?

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety? How Long Does it Take to Work?

Cannabinoid or CBD is the compound found in the cannabis Sativa plant with multiple health benefits. Of all the compounds present in the cannabis plants, CBD is the only compound capable of creating a bodily relaxing impact without creating a high.

The other available compounds are either not as helpful from the medical perspective or can bring in the psychoactive compound, which we generally call the high. 

Hemp and marijuana are the two extraction sources of CBD oil. The difference between both these plants is the presence of THC. In hemp plants, the THC levels are minimal, ensuring that CBD oil remains in the acceptable range. However, the CBD oil generated from marijuana is more likely to have a higher concentration of THC, rendering it unacceptable from the medical perspective. 

Brief History of CBD oil for Anxiety:

If you think CBD oil is in trend these days as a fad and will surely die down in a few years, it is not true. 

CBD oil has been in existence since 12000 BCE. Although it was not exactly in the same form we know today. It was surely the hemp, and the compound discovered to be effective even then was the CBD we know today. 

The initiation of the agricultural industry in Mongolia and Siberia had been through the cultivation of the hemp plant. So, when the history of plants highlights that the first cultivated plant in the world was hemp, it would be needless to assume that it is going anywhere soon. Besides, CBD oil has multiple benefits, which are being tested in research studies and clinical trials.

We will review the role of CBD oil on anxiety in this article, so let’s define the term for the readers to keep everyone on the same page. 

Anxiety is the condition where an individual feels unease. It can be the fear, worry, or any other association, which can bring uneasiness.

What is the Ideal Material for CBD oil for Anxiety?

The ideal product material for CBD oil is the hemp plant for the same reason we have already discussed. The THC content in the hemp plant is less than 0.3%. 

However, the cost of these plants is higher compared to marijuana. They need more care and a controlled environment for optimal growth. 

The extraction of the end product requires plants and other natural resources, so the environmental impact created at any stage of its production is not harmful. Any part of the plant that is wasted can be used as fertilizer, not harming the environment in any way. 

What are the different types of CBD oil?

There are three different types of CBD oil:

CBD isolate – it is the purest form of CBD oil, which only contains CBD without any other impurity or compound

Full Spectrum CBD oil – in the full spectrum CBD oil, the end material contains all the compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. It also includes minute quantities of THC and other compounds. 

Broad Spectrum CBD oil – in the broad spectrum CBD oil, all the compounds naturally occurring in the cannabis plants exist with the exclusion of THC. 

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What is the Ideal size bottle for the CBD oil for anxiety?

The CBD OIL is available in black or colored bottles. However, you don’t have to look at the bottle’s size to determine its right dosage. It depends upon your condition, tolerance level, and the severity of the problem. 

The more tolerant you grow towards CBD oil, the higher quantity you will require to feel the same impact. 

What is Anxiety?

As already discussed, anxiety is a feeling of unease, fear, or tension. It is normal to be anxious over a few things or once in a while. But living in a state of constant fear or unease is what is problematic for humans. 

In a normal situation, anxiety is the response that the body naturally produces in a problematic or worrisome situation. So, you must understand the difference between both these conditions before deciding if you need CBD oil for the treatment or not.  

What are the use cases of CBD oil for Anxiety?

CBD oil can help in:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • phobias
  • panic disorder

What are the best brands of CBD Oil for Anxiety?

  1. Overall Best CBD Oil On The Market: Exhale Wellness
  2. Best CBD Oil for Anxiety – BudPop
  3. Best Value High-Potency CBD Oil – Hollyweed CBD
  4. Best Researched CBD Oil for Anxiety – Cheef Botanicals
  5. Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Anxiety Disorders – FAB CBD

What is the lifespan of CBD oil?

1-2 years from the extraction time is the lifespan of CBD oil for anxiety. Even during this period, its impact will be highly dependent on the conditions in which it is kept. 

Keeping your CBD oil best for a long time requires storing it in a dark environment. This is why you’ll find the bottle containing it to be colored. But you should not still place it in direct sunlight. Find a cool and dry place for its storage. Similarly, exposure to moisture is not at all recommended, so you must find a suitable place with all these qualities. 

Your choice of CBD oil type and brand availability will determine the right CBD oil price for you. But on average, you can find CBD oil in the $0.02 – 0.06 per mg range. 

Can anxiety create other problems?

Yes, anxiety can be the root cause of other problems, including heart diseases and mental traumas. One of the prominent factors in the onset of Diabetes Type 2 is stress.

Similarly, Erectile Dysfunction is reported in men due to stress. 

What is the required dosage of CBD oil for treating anxiety?

300 to 600 mg is the range of CBD used in experimental studies for anxiety. However, this range can be considered the maximum threshold, but you should not start your dosage consumption with such a high amount. You can start with 20mg and wait for the impact before you decide to increase the dose.

What is the ideal mechanism of consumption of CBD oil?

CBD oil can be consumed using multiple methods, including oral consumption and vaping. For anxiety, oral consumption in the form of CBD capsules and edibles seem easy. How to cook with CBD oil might interest you.

Vaping is challenging and has its health risks involved.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for anxiety?

Deepening upon the mode of consumption of CBD oil, you can determine the overall time it will require to start working. 

Oral consumption methods can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours in the on-set process. Factors like age, gender, metabolism, and lifestyle play an essential role in all of it. 

If you choose vaping, it can create an impact immediately.

How does Culture affect the usage of CBD oil?

Anxiety is a problem that many of us face. There is nothing bad about it, but visiting a psychologist for its treatment is still not accepted in society. So, if there can be a natural solution that can treat anxiety without sharing it with anyone, it will help treat the problem with greater ease. 

Even in extreme cases, the therapies from the psychiatrist might not be as helpful, and CBD oil can be used as a treatment. 

What are the features of the best CBD oil for anxiety?

Here are the features of the best CBD oil available for anxiety:

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Brand reputation
  • High-quality CBD oil
  • Organic ingredients
  • Variety Available

What is the History of CBD oil for anxiety?

The cannabis plant has been in use for medical and industrial benefits since ancient times. Different cultures had reported its usage for treating multiple diseases, including malaria, gout, pain, and anxiety. 

Over time, its prominence in the medical industry is increasing. Before 2012, there were only 12 published studies involving the impact of CBD oil, and now they are rapidly increasing, and targeting the specific benefits that CBD oil is expected to bring.