Can CBD oil affect your weight?

Can CBD oil affect your weight?

The research on CBD oil is still in the preliminary phase, so making exact claims about the impact of CBD on weight isn’t the right thing to do. We’ll discuss the current topic based on these research studies.

What’s the potential impact?

By using CBD oil, you’ll be astonished that it is known for its weight loss as well as its weight gain properties. In most research studies conducted to this point, CBD is a weight-reducing product. But in a few cases, it results in weight gain too.

How does CBD oil help in reducing weight?

Here are the primary changes your body goes through (for aiding weight loss) when consuming CBD oil.

Boosts metabolism:

One of the primary ways CBD oil impacts your body is by reacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in lymphoid tissue. These receptors are known to influence metabolism.

The higher metabolism level means you’ll be slimmer.

Reduces Appetite:

One of the other ways CBD oil creates a weight-loss impact is by reducing the appetite. If you do not feel hungry, you won’t eat much, thus consuming existing body fats. So, the result can be seen in the form of weight loss.

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Browning of the fat cells:

You might have an idea already that there are two types of fat cells in the body, i.e., white fat and brown fat. White fat insulates the organs but is also a cause of obesity and other health issues, whereas brown fat is helpful for the body as it burns to produce calories.

Usually, the “browning impact” is created when you exercise, get proper sleep, and expose yourself to cold temperatures. Apart from these activities, CBD has also been found to impact the browning of fat.

CBD aids the expression of the specific genes, resulting in the promotion of brown fat. As a result of this process, you can lower the high levels of obesity-causing white fats.

How does CBD help in increasing weight?

The results of such a claim are not much to make a definite statement. But children who had been consuming CBD oil for epilepsy treatment have shown an increase in appetite, thus highlighting its weight gain properties.

Summing up:

It is better to associate CBD oil with its capability to impact the appetite. The exact impact is still unknown and will require further research work.